Myvatn Day Tour

The Lake Myvatn area is undoubtedly the diamond of North Iceland.  

There are many optional things to see and do in the area of Lake Myvatn and Private tours are tailor made by the needs of my visitors. My local knowledge and Super-Jeep brings the opportunities to visit places that are not accessible by normal cars.

Suggested itinerary:

  • The first thing that we encounter is the Laxá river to the left of the highway best known for it’s beauty and variety of birds.  Then we get to clusters of pseudocraters at Skútustaðir, which were created a few thousand years ago by hot lava flowing over wetland and into the lake, followed by steam explosions.
  • Next stop is at the bizarre lava formation in Dimmuborgir Lava Formations,
  • Then a visit to Grjótagjá cave, an underground geothermal river formed by the drift of two separating tectonic plates. 
  • A great place to have lunch is either restaurant Vogafjós or the Mývatn Nature Baths. 
  • Next we head to Námafjall to visit the boiling bubbling sulphur pits (solfatara).
  • Now we head to the Volcano called Krafla and see how to generate electricity using the heat from the Volcano, Geothermal power:

Among the things in the area there are quite many worth mentioning:

  • The explosive crater called Víti.
  • Krafla volcano, solfataras, fumaroles, and the Geothermal Power station.
  • Sigurgeir´s Bird Museum (exhibits 180 bird species).
  • A visit to the Nature Baths.
  • Vogafjós cowshed. Vogafjós restaurant is located inside a cowshed and offers homemade local food such as smoked trout, mozzarella and salad cheese made from our own milk, Geysir bread baked in the geothermal heat  as well as the delicious Geysir bread ice cream and homebaked cakes.
  • Dimmuborgir Lava Formations
  • The steamy Grjótagjá cave  Grjótagjá is 2km (1 1/4 miles) from the Storagjá-Dimmuborgir trailhead. Two portals are in the heaving lava lead to an enticing hot spring and pool. Climb down and sit by the water. The cave is beautiful and fantastical that it actually made its way into the “Game of Thrones” fantasy canon (Game of Thrones season three episode, Kissed by Fire.) 
  • Hverfjall the monolithic, striated black mountain shaped like a dog-bowl is unmistakable from anywhere in the vicinity. Hverfjall, which is often incorrectly identified as “Hverfell” is a rare (and particularly enormous) example of a tephra explosion crater. It was formed 2,500 to 2,900 years ago, when rising magma met with groundwater, forcing a massive explosion of steam, ash, and rock. The rim is 1km (1/2 mile) in diameter, and the crater is 140m (459 ft.) deep, with a round nub at the center. It’s also one of the filming locations for Star Trek Discovery Season 3. That whole area of Lake Mývatn and it’s magnificent landscape is presented as another planet in the Star Trek Discovery episode “That Hope Is You, Part 1”.
  • Goðafoss waterfall

Since I live in the area I have the opportunity to bring my guests to the old farm I grew up at, to meet the locals in their natural environment, far from tourists 🙂 My friends live there now are are running their own dog sledding service,  and offer something called “Siberian Husky Kennel Visit” along with the dog sledding. Please check out their website here: 

In the Winter time, this tour can also be suitable as a Northern Lights excursion, the area is excellent to view the Northern Lights and it’s really a Winter Wonderland.

With years of experience I happily suggest itineraries and locations and provide a custom built service.

Tour price: ISK 199.900,- (Super-Jeep private tour with maximum of 4 persons (very comfortable for 3) 

  • This is a private tour and is all year around – daily on request, reservation required.
  • Departures are optional: Pick up in Laugar area, Akureyri, Húsavík or the Mývatn area. 
  • Departure time is on request and the duration of the tour is variable, as it is always tailor made.
  • Included is fully guided tour and transportation.
  • Refreshments are not included in price.

For more information and booking, contact me with email at

A short video of the Lake Mývatn area and surroundings: