Current COVID-19 Information

June 1st. 2021

Amended requirements on quarantine as of 31 May:

  • As from the 31st of May the stipulation requiring people to stay in a quarantine facility depending on from where they are coming, i.e. from specific high-risk areas, is repealed. At the same time, notices regarding regions and countries considered special high-risk areas for COVID-19 will no longer be published.
  • As from the 31st of May only those who do not have access to adequate facilities to undergo home quarantine are required to stay in a quarantine facility.
  • Those arriving to Iceland from high-risk areas on the 29th and 30th of May can apply for authorisation to stay in home quarantine during the entire compulsory quarantine period. This applies to travellers from all countries listed in the applicable notice on regions and countries considered high-risk areas due to COVID-19, irrespective of whether they are listed under category I or II according to the notice.Among those countries are for example France, the Netherlands and Sweden.
  • The applicable provisions on compulsory stay in a quarantine facility apply to those arriving to Iceland on the 28th of May or earlier.Those required under those rules to stay in a quarantine facility shall finish the quarantine period there.
  • The requirement to pre-register the place of stay during quarantine is still applicable, whether it is in a quarantine facility or in a private facility.


FAQ regarding disease control measures at the border

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